The IROSerializerTypeFactory interface represents the base interface of the design pattern factory and is used to create custom serializable types like array type, complex type or enumerable type.

You do not need to use this interface directly, it is used internally in the following types of serializers: binary serializer (BinSerializer class), JSON serializer (JsonSerializer class), Post serializer (PostSerializer class), SOAP serializer (SoapSerializer class), XmlRpc serializer (XmlRpcSerializer class).

The following code demonstrates how to create an enum type from the specified XML node in the SoapSerializer class:

public override ICustomEnum ReadCustomEnum(string iName)
  XmlNode aNode = ReadCurrentNode(iName);
  if (aNode == null || TagIsNil(aNode))
    throw new Exception("value cannot be null for \"" + iName + "\"");
  ICustomEnum en = TypeFactory.CreateEnum();
  en.StringValue = aNode.InnerText;
  return en;


Required Methods


Creates a new array with an ICustomArrayType type and returns it.


method CreateArray: ICustomArrayType


ICustomArrayType CreateArray()


Function CreateArray As ICustomArrayType


Creates a new instance of the ComplexType class with the specified class name and returns it.


method CreateComplex(name: String): ComplexType


ComplexType CreateComplex(String name)


Function CreateComplex(name As String) As ComplexType


  • name:


Creates a new enumerable instance with an ICustomEnum type and returns it.


method CreateEnum: ICustomEnum


ICustomEnum CreateEnum()


Function CreateEnum As ICustomEnum

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