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Note: This is a new documentation site. We are adding new content and improving existing documentation for Remoting SDK 9. If the documentation you are looking for is not here yet, please check out the old documentation wiki while we are in the transition process.

All texts for this site have been or are being written from scratch for the new Remoting SDK 9.

Remoting SDK is a framework that allows you to build Servers that expose functionality using Services. These services can then be accessed remotely over the network from Client Applications running on and created with a wide variety of platforms and languages.


Remoting SDK Servers can be built using either .NET or Delphi.

  • .NET Servers can be hosted on all major server platforms, including Windows and Linux.
  • Delphi Servers can be hosted on Windows (and Linux via FPC).

These servers can then be accessed from Client Applications created with all of today's major development platforms, in turn covering just about every operating system and target platform:

  • .NET – Windows, Windows Phone, Web Servers, Linux, Cross-Platform Tools (the latter via Mono)
  • Cocoa – Mac, iOS, watchOS, tvOS
  • Java – Android, Blackberry, and anywhere else Java runs on
  • Delphi – Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android via FireMonkey
  • JavaScript – rich web clients, and much more

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