In addition to the core libraries/frameworks to be used in your project, and integration with the IDEs, Remoting SDK also comes with a range of additional utilities that help you work with the product – from generating code independently of an IDE to testing your services and visually designing your .RODL files.

  • Olympia Server is an out-of-process state and event storage server. It provides a dedicated and ready-made server application that can store shared session data and push events. As Olympia is internally built upon Data Abstract for .NET it allows to talk to any database you choose or use pre-configured internal SQLite based storage in order to run out-of-the-box with zero setup and configuration.
  • rodl2code is a small command line tool, provided for Windows and Mac, that lets you generate code from .RODL and .remoteRODL files, for use in client projects. It's ideal for use in build scripts.
  • ServiceImporter is a GUI application for Mac that lets you open .RODL and .remoteRODL files, preview their content, and generate code files.
  • ServiceBuilder is a GUI application for Windows that lets you open and create/design .RODL files for use in classic RODL-based servers. It also lets you preview and generate code.

Legacy Tools

  • ServiceTester is a (legacy and deprecated) GUI application for Windows that allows you to run tests against your servers, exercising their various APIs and evaluating how your servers cope with high load.