The Concepts section covers topics about what makes Remoting SDK servers "tick". This includes some of the classes (or types of classes) that make up a Remoting SDK server – both classes that you will interact with directly, as well as lower-level classes that work behind the scenes – and more abstract ideas and design strategies (such as "Statelessness").

Remoting SDK makes creating servers (and the clients that connect to them) easy, but that does not mean it is trivial. Behind the scenes, Remoting SDK does a lot of work to make your servers accessible to begin with, but also to make them responsive, and scalable.

We recommend that you, at the very least, read up on the following topics.

More advanced/behind-the-scenes concepts to explore as you get more familiar with Remoting SDK and want to dive deeper include:

See Also: Client Concepts

Of course you will also want to explore the Clients section for more information on how to connect to your servers from your client applications (which can be written in more development platforms than just .NET and Delphi, including Cocoa, Java and JavaScript).

The Clients section has a dedicated Client Concepts section that talks about concepts relevant to client development (and some that are shared, such as Messages).