Exception Notes
ChannelBusyException The ChannelBusyException occurs when a ClientChannel is unable to perform a dispatch because the channel is busy with another dispatch operation.
InstanceBusyException This exception gets thrown on the server when a given service instance is already active and concurrent calls are not enabled. The PerClientClassFactory will throw this exception when AllowConcurrentAccess is false.
InvalidMessageTypeException Exceptions of the type InvalidMessageTypeException are thrown when the type of the received message is not supported by the Remoting SDK infrastructure. An exception of this type is also thrown while processing events polling messages if the received...
InvalidStreamException An InvalidStreamException exception is thrown when a stream cannot be read. A stream may be considered invalid due to corruption, version mismatching, incorrect format use or other reasons.
LoginFailedException The LoginFailedException class is a descendant of the ServerException class and represents login exceptions that occured during the logging of the DA client to the DA server.
NoFreeObjectsInPoolException This exception gets raised on the server when all instances of a PooledClassfactory are active and the class factory is configured within PoolBehavior.Fail mode.
NoRodlException The NoRodlException class represents an exception that is raised on the server if a request for a RODL file comes in, but no suitable RODL resource could be found.
ServerSetupException The ServerSetupException class represents an exception that is raised by the
ServiceInstanceNotActiveException The ServiceInstanceNotActiveException class represents an exception that is raised by the Remoting SDK infrastructure when user code attempts to access user session before the service is activated.
SessionDisposedException The SessionDisposedException exception is thrown by the server application when code tries to access data in a session that has already been disposed (for example because it expired or has been destroyed manually).
SessionDoesNotHaveRequiredRolesException The SessionDoesNotHaveRequiredRolesException class represents an exception
SessionNotFoundException This exception gets thrown when a service gets called that has RequireSession set to true, but no session exists for the service yet.
SingletonBusyException This exception gets thrown on the server when the instance of a SingletonClassFactory is active and Class Factory is configured in SingletonBehavior.Fail mode.
TooManySessionsException This exception gets thrown on the server when the maximum number of sessions specified in the session manager component's MaxSessions property has been exceeded.
VariantException This exception gets thrown when types passed as variant to a service method are not supported by the variant streaming subsystem or when other errors are encountered serializing or deserializing variant data.