_Intf Source Files

_Intf files (short for "Interface") contain the client-side classes needed to talk to a remote server – including service proxy implementations and interfaces for each service, as well as auxiliary types used by the services' public APIs.

The types in the _Intf file represent how your client application interacts with and talks to the server.

In your client project, _Intf files will be first created (alongside a .remoteRODL and a _ServerAccess source file) when you Connect to a Server from the IDE, and they may be updated occasionally as you adjust your client app to changes made to the API on the server. The _Intf files will then be overwitten automatically by the IDE, so you should not make changes to them.

RODL-Based Servers

In RODL-based server projects, _Intf files will also be generated from the .RODL in your project. These files will be identical to those generated on the client (for the same platform and language); your server code will use the auxiliary types and interfaces, and just ignore the proxies.

The _Intf files will be overwitten automatically by the IDE as your .RODL changes.

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