.remoteRODL Files

.remoteRODL files are XML-based meta-data files that Remoting SDK uses inside client projects to store information on how to connect to a server. You can think of a .remoteRODL as a shortcut, or a link to the actual RODL provided by the live server on the network.

.remoteRODL are not linked into your executable, nor are they required at runtime. They only exist to improve the IDE Experience while you work in your client project, to make it easy for the IDE tools to know where your server is, for example to update _Intf source files to new files on the server.

You will usually not create or edit .remoteRODL files yourself, instead, the IDE will create them for you when you Connect to a Server. But they have a very simple XML-based format that can be edited directly, if needed:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  <LibraryName />
    <Name>Name of Your Server</Name>

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