Local Channel

The Local channel allows Remoting SDK based communication within a single .NET or Delphi application; enabling you easily to reuse your client and server in a monolithic application, or to build single tier applications that can later be scaled out easily by changing channel types.

While at first sight it might seem useless to partition application logic into client and server and then proceed to embed both parts in the same executable, these channels are helpful for two scenarios, especially when combined with the Data Abstract database multi-tier architecture:

  • to implement a single-tier application with scalability in mind, so that it can easily be scaled up to a true multi-tier solution, when the need arises.
  • to reuse an existing multi-tier application and deploy it in a single-tier environment - for example to sell a single-user edition of the product, or to provide a desktop version of a client/server database front end.

In both cases, and similar scenarios, the local channel make it easy to combine the client and server tier in a single application, with negligible communication overhead between the tiers, but maintaining the logical multi-tier separation.

Client Channel Components

Server Channel Components