Channel Compatibility

The following table lists all Client Channels and Server Channels available with the .NET, Cocoa, Delphi, Java and JavaScript editions of Remoting SDK.

Client and server components listed in the same table cell are interchangeable and compatible with each other, both within the same platform, and between Delphi, Cocoa, .NET, Java and JavaScript. For example, any of the available HTTP clients can talk to any of the HTTP servers.

Note: Local channels aren't compatible between different platforms.

Please refer to the individual topics for the specific channel types for more detailed information.

Client Channels Server Channels
IpHttpClientChannel (.NET)
WinInetHttpClientChannel (.NET)
TROGrijjyHTTPChannel (Delphi)
TROIndyHTTPChannel (Delphi)
TRONetHttpClientChannel (Delphi)
TROSynapseHTTPChannel (Delphi)
TROWinInetHTTPChannel (Delphi)
ROHTTPClientChannel (Cocoa)
HttpClientChannel (Java)
HTTPClientChannel (JavaScript)
HttpSysServerChannel (.NET)
IpHttpServerChannel (.NET)
TROHTTPServer (Delphi)
TROIndyHTTPServer (Delphi)
TROSynapseHTTPServer (Delphi)
TROWebBrokerServer (Delphi)
TROWinHttpServer (Delphi)
IpSuperHttpClientChannel (.NET)
WinInetSuperHttpClientChannel (.NET)
TROGrijjySuperHTTPChannel (Delphi)
TROIndySuperHTTPChannel (Delphi)
TRONetSuperHTTPChannel (Delphi)
TROSynapseSuperHTTPChannel (Delphi)
ROSuperHTTPClientChannel (Cocoa)
HttpSysSuperHttpServerChannel (.NET)
IpSuperHttpServerChannel (.NET)
TROSynapseHTTPServer (Delphi)
TROSuperHTTPServer (Delphi)
IpTcpClientChannel (.NET)
TROIndyTCPChannel (Delphi)
ROTCPClientChannel (Cocoa)
TcpClientChannel (Java)

See Legacy TCP Channel for more details
IpTcpServerChannel (.NET)
TROIndyTCPServer (Delphi)
TROSynapseTCPServer (Delphi)
IpSuperTcpClientChannel (.NET)
TROGrijjySuperTCPChannel (Delphi)
TROIndySuperTCPChannel (Delphi)
TROSuperTcpChannel (Delphi)
TROSynapseSuperTCPChannel (Delphi)
IpSuperTcpServerChannel (.NET)
TROIndySuperTCPServer (Delphi)
TROSuperTcpServer (Delphi)
TROSynapseSuperTCPServer (Delphi)
TROEmailChannel (Delphi)

See Email Channel for more details
TROEmailServer (Delphi)
LocalClientChannel (.NET)
TROLocalChannel (Delphi)

See Local Channel for more details
LocalServerChannel (.NET)
TROLocalServer (Delphi)
TRODLLChannel (Delphi)

See DLL Channel for more details
TRODLLServer (Delphi)
NamedPipeClientChannel (.NET)
TRONamedPipeChannel (Delphi)

See Named Pipe Channel for more details
NamedPipeServerChannel (.NET)
TRONamedPipeServer (Delphi)
TROIndyUDPChannel (Delphi)

See UDP and Broadcast Channels for more details
TROIndyUDPServer (Delphi)
TROBroadcastChannel (Delphi)

See UDP and Broadcast Channels for more details
TROBroadcastServer (Delphi)