Installing Remoting SDK in Fire

Fire supports Remoting SDK for all three platforms, allowing you to build server applications using .NET (which can run on Windows, Mac and Linux), as well as client applications for all platforms that can connect to such servers (.NET, Cocoa and Java/Android).


To make getting started easy, Fire comes with trial versions of both Remoting SDK and Data Abstract (which builds on top of Remoting SDK). If you do not have a full version of Remoting SDK or Data Abstract installed, the trial version will be used, and invoking IDE functionality for Remoting SDK or Data Abstract will start your 30-day trial period.

The trial binaries will be fully functional without technical limitations, but display a trial message when your apps are run. They are also not licensed for distribution. IDE functionality (such as working with .remoteRODL files) will disable after the 30-day trial period is over.

Full Version

Installing the full version of Remoting SDK (or Data Abstract, which includes the SDK) is easy. Simply download the "for Fire" version of the product from the licensed downloads page, which will have a .fireplugin extension. Double-click to run it, and enter your Administrator password when prompted.

Once done, Fire will automatically use the non-trial binaries when rebuilding your app. The IDE tools will also automatically pick up your RO (or DA) license, if you are logged into Fire with your account.

If you don't have a full license for Remoting SDK yet, you can purchase one here.
Or purchase Data Abstract here.