Working with .remoteRODL Files

If your Remoting SDK client project contains a .remoteRODL File, you can right-click it in the solution tree to perform a number of actions on it:

  • Depending on whether you already have an _Intf File or not, the IDE will provide an option to "Generate Code File(s)" or "Update Code File(s)", respectively. New _Intf files will be generated in your project's default language (which you can set in Project Settings, for multi-language projects), while existing files will of course be updated in place based on their existing language.

  • If your project does not have a _ServerAccess file, you can choose to have one generated. (_ServerAccess files will never be updated or regenerated, since you will be adding your own code to them.)

You will notice that Fire and Water conveniently nest all files related to the .remoteRODL underneath it.