Installing Remoting SDK in Visual Studio

There are several ways to install Remoting SDK on your system and integrate it with Visual Studio.

  • "Remoting SDK for .NET" will install support for building .NET based clients and servers using Visual C#, Visual Basic and Elements.
  • "Remoting SDK for .NET and all Client Platforms" will install support for building .NET-based clients and servers, as well as building clients for Cocoa and Java using Elements.
  • "Remoting SDK for Delphi and all Client Platforms" will install support for building clients for .NET (with Visual C#, Visual Basic and Elements), Cocoa and Java (with Elements).

In addition, installing any Data Abstract SKU that includes .NET, Cocoa or Java support will also install the respective Remoting SDK client support.

Supported Versions

Remoting SDK supports Visual Studio 2008 and later. Support for new versions will be added as they come out, without this page necessarily being updated right away to reflect the latest version supported.


If you installed the trial version, the trial binaries will be fully functional without technical limitations, but display a trial message when your apps are run. They are also not licensed for distribution. IDE functionality (such as working with .remoteRODL files) will disable after the 30-day trial period is over.

Full Version

Installing the full version of Remoting SDK (or Data Abstract, which includes the SDK) is easy. Simply download the installer from the licensed downloads page and run it. You can update from trial to full version, and update to newer versions, without needing to uninstall.

If you don't have a full license for Remoting SDK yet, you can purchase one here.
Or purchase Data Abstract here.