Command Line Options

With the introduction of Service Builder, several new command line arguments were exposed.

Option Description
/register associate Service Builder with .rodl files and add it to the registry. Setup calls this to add a key in the registry telling the IDE code where the Service Builder can be found.
/projectname: Name of the project. Service Builder will use this as a mutex name so only one instance of the Service Builder of this type can be running at a time.
/displayname: Name to display in the caption; this is the short name of the RODL usually, used by the IDE code.
/import: Show the import wizard. Type is the kind of import to run. RODL or WSDL.
/quietimport Exit after importing; used by the IDE.
/execute: Execute: After opening the RODL, open a plugin by name.
/export Export the RODL after opening it. Can be exported as RODL, WSDL or source files; Recommended however is to use the RODL Command Line Tool for code generation, which exposes all the possible options clearly.
/export-folder: Export path; when export-file isn't set this is the directory to save the exported data into.
/export-file: Export file; the filename of the to-be exported file from Service Builder.
/delete-on-close Delete the input filename after closing.

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