An Exception is an object that represents a programming exception.

To create an Exception, select Edit|New|Exception or click the Exception button on the Toolbar.

Selecting the Exception in the Library Panel will load the details into the Details Panel, from which you can assign a name to the Exception, inherit the Exception from an existing one by specifying the Ancestor, or write documentation for it.

Adding Fields

To add fields to an exception, click the + Add Field button in the Fields section of the Details Panel. To remove an element, click the - button. Finally to name or rename an element, select the element name in the table and type the new name. As explained above, an element data type can be a primitive type, or a complex type defined in your Library or in a Library that you are using.

Change the order of the fields with the Up/Down buttons, or the Ctrl+Up and Ctrl+Down keyboard shortcuts.

You can also provide documentation for your exception fields by selecting the individual items and clicking the Document this Field button. This will bring up the Documentation Editor, where you can type your description.

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