Using Existing Libraries

Similar to a uses clause in Delphi or a using statement in C#, Remoting SDK libraries can use existing services. By using an existing library in your project, you can use and extend all its elements.

To use an existing library, select Edit|Include Existing RODL. In the resulting dialog, browse to or enter the file path of the desired RODL file. The Service Builder will then add a new item to the Library Panel to indicate that you are using the Library.

After choosing the RODL file to use, you will see this item listed in the Library tree with all the elements provided by this library listed underneath it:

From here, you can change the name, the file name and the documentation for the use of the RODL file.

Note that all elements defined in the RODL used are listed in the Library pane in gray and are in read-only mode; you can select them to view their details, but you cannot modify them.

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