This class is responsible for registering associations between communication protocol names and client channel types. Also it allows to create client channel instances based on protocol name. This is a static class. It is a part of URL Schemes implementation.


Class Methods


Creates a client channel instance based on the passed protocol name and the current registration information.


class method CreateClientChannelForProtocol(protocol: String): IClientChannel


static IClientChannel CreateClientChannelForProtocol(String protocol)


Shared Function CreateClientChannelForProtocol(protocol As String) As IClientChannel


  • protocol: The communication protocol name, such as "http", "tcp", "superhttp", etc



class method IsWellKnownUriProtocol(uri: String): Boolean


static Boolean IsWellKnownUriProtocol(String uri)


Shared Function IsWellKnownUriProtocol(uri As String) As Boolean


  • uri:


Allows to set a custom association between the communication protocol name and the client channel type. This includes overriding associations set by default.


class method OverrideClientChannelForProtocol(protocol: String; type: Type)


static void OverrideClientChannelForProtocol(String protocol, Type type)


Shared Sub OverrideClientChannelForProtocol(protocol As String, type As Type)


  • protocol: The protocol name to associate, such as "http", "tcp", "superhttp", etc
  • type: The client channel type that will be the handler for the protocol

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