Using this enum values as binary flags you can set up any of SoapMessage serialization options.


Value Description
Document Turns on Document/Literal mode
EncodedXml Use XML encoding when serializing data of XML type
ExternalTypesAsReferences Reserved
IgnoreStructureType Reserved
None Use to set all options to off state
SendUntyped Makes serializer to specify the type of each entity or value
ShowClientID When this option is on the unique client identifier will be included in the SOAP header of the envelope
Soap12 Instructs to use SOAP version 1.2 instead of 1.1
SplitServiceWsdls When this option is set the server wil generate a separate WSDL document for each service defined in the RODL. Otherwise all services will be combined into a single WSDL document.
StrictStructureFieldOrder Makes the serializer do (de)serialize complex types members in the order of definition. Otherwise the order is alphabetical.
WriteMultiRefArray When turned on all arrays are serialized as reference nodes instead of placing the array inline.
WriteMultiRefObject When turned on all complex types are serialized as reference nodes instead of placing the structure inline.
WriteUTFByteOrderMark When this option is on serialized SOAP message will be prefixed by UTF BOM bytes