Class Notes
AesEncryptionEnvelope The AESEncryptionEnvelope class is an implementation of MessageEnvelope that uses the widely-known symetric AES/Rijndael encryption mechanism for encrypting and decrypting messages that will...
ArrayType ArrayType forms the base class for all array types defined in your RODL library.
AsyncProxy AsyncProxy like Proxy is a abstract class for client AsyncProxy classes defined for user services.
AsyncRequest **AsyncRequest **objects present an ongoing or completed asynchronous request that is executing after one of the beginMethod messages is set to an AsyncProxy. AsyncRequest can be used to check the status of the request, assign a callback, started and...
BinMessage The BinMessage component implements a Message type that can be used to encode messages in a proprietary binary format to send between client and server.
BinReaderWriter This class is used to serialize and deserialize any kind of data into the bytes buffer. It provides a lot of symmetrical read/write methods for each datatype, so you can easily write and read any objects to and from ByteStream. This class is used by the...
Channel Abstract class for all channel subclasses.
ClientChannel ROClientChannel is the abstract base class for Client Channels implementations in Remoting SDK for Java.
ComplexType ComplexType is the base class for all Struct types defined in your RODL library.
EventListener<T> EventListener class as part of ROEvents for Java provides to handle listeners.
EventNotifier EventNotifier class as part of ROEvents for Java provides to fire events.
EventReceiver EventReceiver class is a callback events receiver implementation for Java.
EventType EventType is the base class for all events defined in your RODL library.
HttpClientChannel HttpClientChannel implements the standard Client Channels for communicating with Remoting SDK servers via the HTTP protocol.
Message Message is the abstract base class for Message implementations in Remoting SDK for Java.
MessageEnvelope MessageEnvelope is the abstract base class for envelopes implementations in Remoting SDK for Java.
OnExceptionEvent OnExceptionEvent class represents RO exception events.
Proxy Proxy is the abstract base class for Proxy classes defined for user services. Proxy objects used on the client side as call sites for methods on your services, and encapsulate the logic needed for taking the method calls and remoting them to the server...
ReferenceType<T> Java has no varout params. ReferenceType is a generic class that provides to hold any type of data.
TypeActivator This class is abstract. Its descendants are used together with the TypeManager to create complex types instances.
TypeManager The general purpose of this class is to provide a facility to create an instance of the class with a given class name.This class is used as a singleton, i.e. only one instance of it should exist during the application life time.
VariantType This class is designed to read and write a Delphi-compatible variant type. The variant type can be used to represent a piece of data of unknown type and can hold different/changing types of data at runtime.
XmlType XmlType provides a cross-platform data type to hold XML data to be sent to or received from services.


Interface Notes
AsyncRequest.IAsyncRequestCallback Callback interface for handling results from AsyncRequest
ClientChannel.IClientChannelCallback Callback that allows to get feedback from the client channel.
EventReceiver.IPollIntervalCallback Optional callback for EventReceiver.
IEvents IEvents is the base interface for all events.
IMessage IMessage interface for message class.
ISerialization This interface allow serialization and deserialization values.
IStreamable For internal use, used by the RO/J framework to stream objects to a message packet.


Enum Notes
MessageTypeDictionary Message types enum.
VariantTypeCode This enumeration represents Delphi-compatible variant type codes as they returned by the VarType Delphi function. Used in conjunction with the VariantType class.


Exception Notes
ExceptionType ExceptionType is the base class for all exception types defined in your RODL Library and provides special support for propagating exceptions back from servers. Any server exceptions that are unknown on the client or do not descend...
MissingMessageEnvelopeException Raises in case failing to find Envelope.
ServerException ServerException is a base class for all exception like SessionNotFoundException.
SessionNotFoundException SessionNotFoundException a special exception class is used to indicate when a remote call failed because no session was found - typically meaning that user login is required.
VariantTypeException Raises when detects problem in VariantType conversion.