ZeroConfServiceTypeAttribute is an attribute class which defines and holds your service type name. In Remoting SDK this attribute is used to register your service for discovering through ZeroConf.

Use Case

To allow your services to be discovered you must add a ZeroConfServiceType("YourServiceTypeName") attribute to your service implementation. For example:

    public class BonjourDiscoverableService : RemObjects.SDK.Server.Service, IBonjourDiscoverableService

You can watch our demo project BonjourDiscovery to get an example of service discovery usage.




Holds name of service.

Note: if the service type you specify does not adhere to the naming scheme described in this article, Remoting SDK will automatically pre-pend an underscore and append _rosdk._tcp. as needed, so you do not need to worry about this and can provide a "simple" name.


property Type: String read write;


String Type { get; set; }


Property Type() As String

Instance Methods



constructor(type: String)


ZeroConfServiceTypeAttribute(String type)


Sub New(type As String)


  • type: