The IServiceHttpInfo interface allows to get information about a Schema that is related with a data abstract service.

This interface is implemented by the DataAbstractService class to get information about the related service schema:

method DataAbstractService.GetContentStream(aPath: System.String; out aCloseStream: System.Boolean; out aContentType: System.String): System.IO.Stream;
  if not AllowSchemaAccess or not AllowHttpSchemaAccess then
    raise new DAException('Schema access has been disabled (HTTP)');

  result := new MemoryStream();
  result.Seek(0, SeekOrigin.Begin);
  aCloseStream := true;
  aContentType := 'text/xml';

and is used in the all HTTP Server Channels, such as HttpSysServerChannel, IpHttpServerChannel, etc. to build the following response:

protected void HandleHttpRequest(object aSender, OnHttpRequestArgs ea)
  IServiceHttpInfo lHttpInfo = lService as IServiceHttpInfo;
  if (lHttpInfo != null)
    bool lCloseStream;
    string lContentType;
    ea.Response.ContentStream = lHttpInfo.GetContentStream(lSubPath, out lCloseStream, out lContentType);
    ea.Response.CloseStream = lCloseStream;
    ea.Response.Header.ContentType = lContentType;

The IServiceHttpInfo interface is used internally. You do not need to use this class directly.


Required Methods


Gets information about the Schema that is related with the data abstract service.


method GetContentStream(path: String; out closeStream: Boolean; out contentType: String): Stream


Stream GetContentStream(String path, out Boolean closeStream, out String contentType)


Function GetContentStream(path As String, <OutAttribute> ByRef closeStream As Boolean, <OutAttribute> ByRef contentType As String) As Stream


  • path:
  • closeStream:
  • contentType: