The ServiceActivator abstract class is the base class for custom Activator classes created in the **_Invk** source files auto-generated from the RODL library.

There is no need to create descendants of this class or to instantiate auto-generated ones directly; the Remoting SDK invocation framework uses them to instantiate classes that implement Remoting SDK services when a remote request to a Remoting SDK-based service is processed.

For internal use only.


Instance Methods

constructor  protected

Creates a new instance of the ServiceActivator class.

Cannot be called directly.






Sub New()


Returns a new instance of the Remoting SDK-based service implementation class.

The implementation of this method is generated automatically when the **_Invk** source file is auto-generated from the RODL library.


method CreateInstance: IROService


IROService CreateInstance()


Function CreateInstance() As IROService