The IArgumentParser interface represents command-line arguments parser. This parser is used internally by the ApplicationServer class to process command-line arguments an to determine application run mode and other application startup options.




List of startup paremeters that weren't recognized as parameters that affect the IsDebugEnabled, IsQuietModeEnabled and RunAction options.

This property can be used to access additional application startup parameters (f.e. --inmemorymode parameter of the Oplympia server)


property ExtendedParameters: array of String read;


String[] ExtendedParameters { get; }


ReadOnly Property ExtendedParameters() As String()


Gets the flag indicating whether application should be run in debug mode.


property IsDebugEnabled: Boolean read;


Boolean IsDebugEnabled { get; }


ReadOnly Property IsDebugEnabled() As Boolean


Gets the flag indicating whether application should be run in quiet mode.

Quiet mode mode allows to suppress all console messages and is useful, fo example, when a Windows Service should be installed from a installer app.


property IsQuietModeEnabled: Boolean read;


Boolean IsQuietModeEnabled { get; }


ReadOnly Property IsQuietModeEnabled() As Boolean


Gets the application run action requested. Available actions are are

  • Execute
  • ExecuteWithCLI
  • InstallService
  • UninstallService
  • ShowHelp

See the ApplicationRunAction enumeration description for more details.


property RunAction: ApplicationRunAction read;


ApplicationRunAction RunAction { get; }


ReadOnly Property RunAction() As ApplicationRunAction

Required Methods


Parses the list of profided application startup parameters and sets all class properties (i.e. ExtendedParameters, IsDebugEnabled, IsQuietModeEnabled and RunAction).


method Parse(arguments: array of String)


void Parse(String[] arguments)


Sub Parse(arguments As String())


  • arguments: Application startup arguments.