The EventSinkProxy class is the base class for the Remoting SDK proxy classes that are auto-generated from the RODL file for your event sinks. An EventSinkProxy represents the event interface of a remote (client) object. The auto-generate proxy class will define methods for the remote object it represents and implement these methods to use an appropriate message format and transport channel to communicate event calls to the client and to translate the results.

Developers will not usually implement (nor directly deal with) a proxy class. Instead, you will use the EventSinkManager's GetEventSink method to obtain the appropriate proxy when needed.


Instance Methods

constructor  protected


constructor(message: IMessage; serverEventChannel: IServerEventChannel; eventTargets: IEventTargets)


EventSinkProxy(IMessage message, IServerEventChannel serverEventChannel, IEventTargets eventTargets)


Sub New(message As IMessage, serverEventChannel As IServerEventChannel, eventTargets As IEventTargets)


  • message:
  • serverEventChannel:
  • eventTargets: