The IRolesAwareService interface represents a Remoting SDK service that is able to check Roles required to invoke particular service operations.

This interface is implemented in the Service class, which is the base class for all concrete Remoting SDK service implementations.

This interface is used internally in the auto-generated Invoker_... methods of the service operation. In most cases, there is no need to override the IRolesAwareService method implementations, because the Roles enforcing logic can easily be adjusted via the Service event handler.


Required Methods


Validates the current session against the provided Roles collection. This method only completes properly if all Roles listed in the provided collection are present (or not present, if this is required by the collection element) in the Session collection. Otherwise, an exception will be raised (SessionDoesNotHaveRequiredRolesException).


method ServiceValidateRoles(requiredRoles: array of String)


void ServiceValidateRoles(String[] requiredRoles)


Sub ServiceValidateRoles(requiredRoles As String())


  • requiredRoles: