The IHttpResponse interface represents HTTP responses from RemObject SDK-based servers.


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HTTP response code (for example: 500 means 'Internal Server Error' and can be used to notify the client about a server-side exception). You can find valid HTTP response codes in the HTTP protocol definition or at the corresponding Wikipedia page.


property Code: Int32 read write;


Int32 Code { get; set; }


Property Code As Int32


The MIME type of this response's content. For example: if this instance contains a .png picture, the ContentType should be set to 'image/png'.

Most notable MIME types are listed on this Wikipedia page.


property ContentType: String read write;


String ContentType { get; set; }


Property ContentType As String


Collection of the HTTP headers of this response. This property can be used to set HTTP headers such as 'Cache-Control' or 'Content-Disposition'.


property Header: IHttpHeader read;


IHttpHeader Header { get; }


Property ReadOnly Header As IHttpHeader



property HttpCode: HttpStatusCode read write;


HttpStatusCode HttpCode { get; set; }


Property HttpCode As HttpStatusCode


Status message corresponding to the Code. For example: for code 500, this property could contain the exception message and the server stack trace.


property Status: String read write;


String Status { get; set; }


Property Status As String