This class is used internally by the remoting framework to locate and maintain a list of all services registered for a given server.

When the first request for a specific service name comes in from a client, the Remoting SDK framework will scan the entire application domain for a class with the ServiceAttribute attribute and the right name.

Once this class is found, the proper class factory is created by looking for a ClassFactoryAttribute attribute and the class factory will be added to the ServiceManager's internal list for future references.


Class Methods


Locates and returns the class factory for the given service name, either from its internal list or - if this is the first request for a given service name - by scanning the AppDomain for the proper class. If no service with the given name can be found, null is returned.


class method FindService(serviceName: String): ServiceInfo


static ServiceInfo FindService(String serviceName)


Shared Function FindService(serviceName As String) As ServiceInfo


  • serviceName:


Works in a similar way to FindService, but rather than returning null, it will raise an exception when the given service name can't be found.


class method GetService(serviceName: String): ServiceInfo


static ServiceInfo GetService(String serviceName)


Shared Function GetService(serviceName As String) As ServiceInfo


  • serviceName:



class method GetServices: array of ServiceInfo


static ServiceInfo[] GetServices()


Shared Function GetServices As array of ServiceInfo

RegisterService (String, Type, IServiceActivator, IServiceInvoker): ServiceInfo


class method RegisterService(serviceName: String; serviceClass: Type; activator: IServiceActivator; invoker: IServiceInvoker): ServiceInfo


static ServiceInfo RegisterService(String serviceName, Type serviceClass, IServiceActivator activator, IServiceInvoker invoker)


Shared Function RegisterService(serviceName As String, serviceClass As Type, activator As IServiceActivator, invoker As IServiceInvoker) As ServiceInfo


  • serviceName:
  • serviceClass:
  • activator:
  • invoker:

RegisterService (Type): ServiceInfo


class method RegisterService(serviceClass: Type): ServiceInfo


static ServiceInfo RegisterService(Type serviceClass)


Shared Function RegisterService(serviceClass As Type) As ServiceInfo


  • serviceClass: