The ICustomMessageQueueManagerHandler interface defines event message queue handler that is able to manage event receivers in the case when Super channels are used. Unlike the plain (ie non-Super) channels where server-sent events are polled by clients Super channels use the completely different approach where serialized event data is pushed from the client side. In this case an ICustomMessageQueueManagerHandler-implementing instance is used to handle event dispatching.

In most cases there is no need to explicitly call ICustomMessageQueueManagerHandler interface methods. All needed actions are internally preformed by Remoting SDK.


Required Methods


Dispatches event data contained in serialized form in the message instance. Only event receivers satisfying the conditions defined by the eventTargets instance will receive this event.


method DispatchEvent(message: IMessage; eventSink: Type; eventTargets: IEventTargets)


void DispatchEvent(IMessage message, Type eventSink, IEventTargets eventTargets)


Sub DispatchEvent(message As IMessage, eventSink As Type, eventTargets As IEventTargets)


  • message: Serialized event data
  • eventSink: Type of the EventSink
  • eventTargets: Event targets


Registers event recipient.


method RegisterEventRecipient(clientId: Guid)


void RegisterEventRecipient(Guid clientId)


Sub RegisterEventRecipient(clientId As Guid)


  • clientId: Event recipient Id


Unregisters events recipient.


method UnregisterEventRecipient(clientId: Guid)


void UnregisterEventRecipient(Guid clientId)


Sub UnregisterEventRecipient(clientId As Guid)


  • clientId: Event recipient Id