The IServerMessageConfiguration interface is used by the Remoting SDK Server Configuration System to represent requested server message(s) configuration. There is no need to implement this interface in the user code unless the server configuration should be loaded from other source (f.e. database) or in different format than are used by default.


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Gets the AES password used to encrypt the server-client communications. AES encryption will not used in case this property is set to null or an empty string.


property AesPassword: String read;


String AesPassword { get; }


Property ReadOnly AesPassword As String


Gets the maximal size of the Binary data stream that is accepted by the server. Setting this property to 0 or -1 will disable the message size check.


property MaxMessageSize: Int32 read;


Int32 MaxMessageSize { get; }


Property ReadOnly MaxMessageSize As Int32


Gets the type of the server message.


property MessageType: ServerMessageType read;


ServerMessageType MessageType { get; }


Property ReadOnly MessageType As ServerMessageType


Gets the mode of the SOAP serializer/deserializer used to process client-server communications.

Applicable only to the ServerMessageType message type.


property SoapMode: SoapMode read;


SoapMode SoapMode { get; }


Property ReadOnly SoapMode As SoapMode


Gets th flag defining whether the server operation should be wrapped into an object when the result is sent to the client application. For example an operation result would look like

{result: 2}

when WrapResult is set to false and

{result: {Result:2}}

when WrapResult is set to true.

Applicable only to the ServerMessageType message type.


property WrapResult: Boolean read;


Boolean WrapResult { get; }


Property ReadOnly WrapResult As Boolean

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