The TROStrings class wraps the access to a Delphi TStrings instance to provide a reference-counted, interface-based reference that can be freed automatically as it goes out of scope. TROStrings exposes all the basic methods and properties of TStrings, but also exposes the underlying wrapped object via the Strings property.


  • Unit: uROStrings.pas
  • Ancestry: TInterfacedObject | TROStrings

Instance Methods

constructor Create  overload

Creates a new instance.

constructor Create

constructor Create (TStrings, Boolean)  overload virtual

Creates a new instance and determines whether it has own list; otherwise it will be referenced to aList.

constructor Create(aList: TStrings; OwnsList: Boolean)


  • aList: String list that should be used as initial values.
  • OwnsList: Specifies whether the string list owns the objects it contains.

constructor CreateCopy (TStrings)  overload virtual

Creates a new instance and fill it with values from aList

constructor CreateCopy(aList: TStrings)


  • aList: String list that will be copied.