Enumerator for all data types availiable in RODL.


  • Unit: uROClasses.pas
Value Description
rtBinary The Binary type is used to pass unstructured binary data between tiers in your application, also a similar custom class
rtBoolean Boolean
rtCurrency Currency
rtDateTime TDateTime
rtDecimal Decimal (128 bits float)
rtDouble usual Double type
rtGuid String interpretation of Guid
rtInt64 64-bit signed integer type (Int64).
rtInteger 32-bit signed integer type (Integer).
rtNullableBoolean Can have nil or Boolean value
rtNullableCurrency Can have nil or Currency value
rtNullableDateTime Can have nil or TDateTime value
rtNullableDecimal Can have nil or Decimal value
rtNullableDouble Can have nil or Double value
rtNullableGuid Can have nil or TGuid value
rtNullableInt64 Can have nil or Int64 value
rtNullableInteger Can have nil or Integer value
rtString AnsiString value, i.e. 8-bit "string"
rtUserDefined user defined type
rtUTF8String Utf8String value.
rtVariant Variant value
rtWidestring UnicodeString (Delphi 2009+) or WideString (Delphi 7 - Delphi 2007) value, i.e. 16-bit "string"
rtXML IXMLNode value.
rtXsDateTime This class represents the DateTime value with given timezone offset.