Defines the interface to access the set of basic properties any client side remote service connection must have: a client channel reference and a message reference. This interface is implemented by the TRORemoteService component that is used to forward all remote requests to the remote server. Also the instance of this interface is passed as a parameter to one of TROProxy constructors to initialize the service proxy.
In general users have no need to cast to this interface explicitly because the same properties can be accessed via the class instance. So this interface is considered belonging to RO SDK internals.




References the client channel component that is used to connect to remote server.

property Channel: IROTransportChannel read


Controls which message instance will be used for remote requests. The value of this property affects TROBaseProxy.__GetMessage behavior, when set to true it will clone the message instance every time before making a remote request. Cloning the message helps to avoid conflicts in multithreaded environment (e.g. when TROEventReceiver is used).

property CloneMessage: Boolean read


References the message component that is used to talk to remote server.

property Message: IROMessage read


Service name

property ServiceName: string read

Required Methods


Gets service's metadata

For TDataAbstractService's descendants can returns associated schema.

function QueryServiceInfo: TStream