The IROEventReceiver interface is used to dispatch events. In Remoting SDK, a list of these interfaces is used by TROBaseActiveEventChannel to manage event receivers.

You will not use this interface directly, but the TROEventReceiver class, which provides all needed methods to handle events. You can watch our demos HTTP Chat and Super TCP Channel Chat to see how to manage events.


Required Methods


This method is called whenever the client channel receives an event from the server. If your client channel supports the IROActiveEventChannel interface, you will receive only one event at a time and the aStream parameter will hold the IROMessage data, otherwise aStream may contain multiple events data.

procedure Dispatch(aStream: TStream; aCaller: TThread)


  • aStream: Stream that contains the event data
  • aCaller: Thread that calls this method


Returns TROEventReceiver instance.

function GetObject: TObject