The IZeroConfRegistrationStrategy interface describes methods that are required for registering services within the specified service discovery provider.

The IZeroConfRegistrationStrategy interface represents the strategy pattern implementation. It is possible to set the required strategy on the TROZeroConfRegistration component and it will be applied for any future registration events. You can change the registration strategy during program run according to your needs.


Required Methods


Registers the service with the name aServiceName of the type aServiceType in the domain aDomain. aPort represents the port on which the service is available. aTxtRecord represents additional service information, like channel, message type, etc.

procedure RegisterService(const aDomain: UnicodeString; const aServiceType: UnicodeString; const aServiceName: UnicodeString; const aPort: Integer; aTxtRecord: TBytes)


  • aDomain: Service domain name
  • aServiceType: Service type name
  • aServiceName: Server name
  • aPort: Port on which the service is available
  • aTxtRecord: Additional service information like channel, message type etc.


Cancels all service registration.

procedure Stop