This interface provides control of the proxy object for an asynchronous service interface. You can obtain this interface by casting a service interface from your auto-generated _Async unit to IROAsyncInterface.




Specifies whether an answer has been received for the previous asynchronous request (true) or not (false). You can use this property to poll the current status of the request. For example to enable a user interface option to retrieve the result.

property AnswerReceived: Boolean read


Specifies whether the proxy is currently busy processing an asynchronous call (true) or not (false). Asynchronous proxies are only capable of dispatching one asynchronous call at a time, and attempts to make a second call while the proxy is busy will result in an EROChannelBusy exception.

property Busy: Boolean read


Contains the MessageID of the request currently being executed. Since true asynchronous channels (such as the Super TCP Channel) can execute multiple requests at the same time, they assign an internal message to each request sent, to later match up the received response with the right request.

property MessageID: string read write



For channels that support active asynchronous results, this property returns a Win32 event object (wrapped inside a TEvent) that can be used to wait for an answer to the previous asynchronous request. Note that this property is only available if the used channel implements the IROActiveAsyncTransportChannel interface and supports active asynchronous results (currently only the Super TCP Channel). For all other channels, the Boolean AnswerReceived property must be used.

property AnswerReceivedEvent: TROEvent read