The TROPooledThread class is designed to work together with the TROThreadPool class.
This class should not be used directly by users, all necessary actions are performed by the TROThreadPool class.


Instance Methods

constructor Create (TROThreadPool)

Creates a new instance.

constructor Create(aOwner: TROThreadPool)


  • aOwner: Points to the owning thread pool

constructor Create (Boolean)    (declared in TROInitializedThread)

Creates a new class instance (standard thread class constructor).

constructor Create(CreateSuspended: Boolean)


  • CreateSuspended: When set to true, this parameter allows to create a thread that will not be started right after it is created. This allows to do some thread class configuration before the execution begins.

Execute  protected override    (declared in TROInitializedThread)

This method will be executed on the background thread, and should contain the user code. In this class, the Execute method must not be overridden in descendant classes, override IntExecute instead.

procedure Execute


Stops the thread execution.

procedure Stop


Executes the given method on the main application thread.

procedure Synchronize(Method: TThreadMethod)


  • Method: Points to the method to execute