The TROBonjourResolveStrategy class implements methods required for resolving a domain as well as a service type and name to a real address and port.
This class is for internal use only. More information is available in its superclass documentation.


Instance Methods

constructor Create

Creates a new class instance.

constructor Create(aEngine: TROZeroConfResolveEngine)


  • aEngine: Points to the resolver engine object that will use the created instance

Resolve  protected

Resolves a domain and the service type and -name to a real address and port with the provided timeout (in seconds). If the resolve operation was terminated by timeout or if the server returns an error, an Exception will be raised.

procedure Resolve(aTimeout: Integer)


  • aTimeout:

TryResolve  protected

Similar to Resolve, but doesn't raise an exception in case of resolve timeouts. Returns true if the service was resolved successfully, otherwise false.

function TryResolve(aTimeout: Integer): Boolean


  • aTimeout: