IROActiveEventServer is an interface that provides methods for managing events. This interface is used by some Remoting SDK servers to support event notifications.

Use Case

In most cases you will not use this class, but if you wish to create your own server channel you may want to implement this interface to add events support.


Implemented in

Required Methods


This method is called by the event manager to notify the server about a new event.

procedure DispatchEvent(anEventDataItem: TROEventData; aSessionReference: TGUID; aSender: TObject)


  • anEventDataItem: Represents an event that fires.
  • aSessionReference: Unique identifier that represents the session.
  • aSender: Indicates the object that receives the event.


This method is called whenever the event manager registers for the specified client.

procedure EventsRegistered(aSender: TObject; aClient: TGUID)


  • aSender: Object that will receive the event.
  • aClient: GUID that specifies the client.

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